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Who are we?

Zion Christian Mission Center was established in 1990 in Seol, South Korea. It aims to provide systematic, high-quality Bible education to people from all walks of life who seek to understand the Bible.

In just 4 years, ZCMC established 75 locations across South Korea, and it has been growing ever since. ZCMC is currently operating in 432 locations around the world and since 2019 brings forth more than one hundred thousand graduates a year.

Courses & Programs

Bringing people into maturity of faith
Mastering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation


To help every believer examine one’s faith within the context of the Bible and see oneself transform and re-create into God’s image and likeness. In carrying out this mission, we bind ourselves with faith, hope and love trhough the Word of God.

Regardless of their own personal, ethnical, cultural, religious, and ideological backgrounds: graduates of ZCMC are a living testimony to the power of God’s Word.

Statement of Faith

2023 – Third 100.000 graduation

“When I looked at the card section, the word ‘miracle’ came to my mind. I had the feeling that it was created with the inspiration of God. When I left the venue, there wasn’t a single piece of trash lying around. The area around the baseball stadium always turns into a garbage dump after the game, I felt very differently at Zion Christian Mission Center. It was an example of the essence of God.”

Pastor Lim – Presbyterian Church

2020 – Second 100.000 graduation

“I think it’s really good that I came today. It was a loud and wonderful graduation ceremony. It was a greatness and performance that couldn’t be found anywhere else. I think everyone should come to Zion Christian Mission Center and learn. It was the best time.”

Interdenominational missionary

2019 – First 100.000 graduation

“The Book of Revelation is not very long, but it contains gigantic content about the coming of the Kingdom of God. […] It is God’s will to believe in it and to proclaim all this to many people.”

“God and heaven are coming to this earth and becoming one, which means it will become a holy world ruled by God” […] “Let’s create a good world according to God’s will.”

Chairman – Lee Man-hee

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