Courses & Programs

Course Prerequisites

Students must take four basic lessons to begin the course. Despite coming from different faiths, denominations and educational backgrounds, all students should be on the same page. This is to ensure that they have the same foundational knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

It allows them to progress through the course together and foster a cohesive and inclusive learning environment where everyone can contribute and engage in meaningful discussions.

Course Duration

All courses are to be taken in 6-8 months ONLY. There will be three sessions per week, each lasting for an hour or two. A lecture will be followed by a discussion in small groups.

Commitment to attending all sessions and keeping consistent communication with facilitators is a key requirement.

Course Exams and Quizzes

Like all academic courses, quizzes and exams are necessary for assessing students’ knowledge by providing a systematic way to evaluate their understanding of the course. They help teachers gauge students’ comprehension and identify areas where they may need additional support or clarification.

Since we are teaching the highest teaching, it is more important to make sure that students understand the Word of God clearly.

Vice president of IUC Korea Graduate School of Education

“The level of the teaching was truly the difference between heaven and earth, revival for all”


  • Online Class

    In our online Bible class, students are able to attend classes or meet with our teachers remotely via Zoom as well as access materials via our ZCMC Student Portal. The online classes we offer are also fun and convinient, allowing students to study at their  own pace.

  • Onsite Class

    Students can attend classes in person, which allows for deeper learning and more personal interaction.

  • Master Class (Pastors & Lecturers)

    Our master class is designed for pastors and spiritual leaders who desire to learn more about the Bible and how it can be applied to their own lives and ministries. The class includes interactive lectures and discussions, as well as hands-on activites. We also offer support for pastors who need assitance in their faith journey.